Last update November 1st, 2018 :

Crechappy would be very happy to welcome foreign students or English fluent French students for internships. We believe that our bilingual nurseries can be a great work experience for the following profiles :

  • highschool foreign students who are able to understand French or English, and who would like to confirm their idea of working in childcare as their career path.
  • foreign childcare students who are willing to experience some time in a foreign bilingual nursery.
  • French students who happen to be English fluent and who have decided to train in childcare, most of the time to prepare the CAP Petite Enfance. It could be students who follow several career paths and are in need for an accommodating schedule for their internship. We can plan this if we know a few months in advance what the schedule needs are.

We have already been lucky to welcome very interesting people in this particular positions, so do not hesitate to express « exotic » internship needs. English speakers who come to Crechappy have a particular value to us, and we are willing to provide particular conditions to welcome them. The sooner you plan your internship, the best chance you have to join us.

If you want to apply for an internship please send your request and CV to Please indicate the date and length of internship that you wish and the schedule needs and constraints you may have due to other studies or jobs that keep you busy.

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