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On going recruitments :

Last update 21st of May 2020 : Crechappy recruits an English speaking permanent position for the 17th of August 2020 (Pôle Emploi offer n°101RRPS).The position is 28h/week minimum, and could go up to 35h according to the candidate’s wish. In this position, you will speak all day long in English to the children, so your English level has to be native or at least perfectly fluent (C2). To work in France in our nurseries, you would absolutely need 2 things : a childcare degree/diploma (a French one or a foreign one) and justification of 2 years of work with children aged from 0 to 3 year old. If one or two of those things is currently missing on your CV, we will not be able to consider your application but you should contact us to check what could be done for future opportunities. If you do have those two points and are interested in joining us, please send your CV and letter to


Our job offers in general :

Crechappy has opened its first nursery in 2014 and had expanded to 3 nurseries in 2017. We are now working on school projects and we should not expand more the nurseries. So we will remain a family-size company, with a staff of 14 people taking care of about 45 children.

English speaking childcare professionals remain quite rare to catch, and some may not fancy coming to Lille. Many of the English speakers who contact us have experience of working with children in pre-schools, but often lack a childcare degree (it does not need to be a French degree), or cannot justify of 2 years of experience working with children under 3 year old. And since childcare is regulated by the French authority, we do not have a choice : each job position has to be submitted to the authority and has to tick the boxes for the childcare degree and the 2 years of experience.

So if your CV fits perfectly and you dream to work in a French-English bilingual nursery, do not hesitate to send at any time your application.
If your CV does not fit yet for the job, but this is your targeted dream job, please send us an email and let us know about your projects, and we may be able to help and guide you and possibly work with you in the medium-term future.

If you have a foreign childcare degree, we know how to get the equivalence in France and we can guide you to get it. This is really an important piece of paper to get for foreigners who would like to work in nurseries in France, and we want foreigners in our nurseries, so we are happy to help.

For our English speaking positions, we wish to recruit English speaking natives, or non-English speaking native who spent a long time in English speaking countries (as aupair, or for studies, or for their personal life). These people speak only in English to the children, and we want the accent, the grammar and the vocabulary to be excellent for that purpose. This does not mean a diversity of accents is not welcome. We do fancy hearing English accents from Canada, UK, Scotland, Ireland, US, Australia, Africa, etc. English-speaking natives will be more than welcome to bring a touch of their culture to Crechappy, this is seen as a bonus and a pleasure for our bilingual project, which is not only about multi-langages but also about multi-cultures.

For our French speaking positions, we wish to recruit people who speak a perfect French. Most have been following an English class during their working hours to improve their basis of English, but it will not be required that they speak perfect English.

All candidates must have an open mind and a genuine curiosity about bilinguism and multi-cultural environments, and also an interest for ecology which is becoming a growing topic at Crechappy. Applying to Crechappy without that state of mind would be nonsensical.

We do carry and develop human values in our teams, such as : show kindness to children and adults with no exception (peers, management, family, students…), treat fairly each co-worker, offer steady working hours, show the example at all levels, be skillful in the job, be eager to train and study regularly to continuously grow as a better childcare professional, remain humble, come to work with a good mood and energy. Being dedicated to the job and to the children’s well-being is not an empty word at Crechappy. We do want collaborators that are not in childcare by random or by mistake, but by passion. Childcare is not offering great wages, so we do pay a lot of attention to all kinds of rewards and motivations that can contribute to your happiness. We try to have happy work environments, we want joy to be for children AND adults every single day !

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